School Bus and Crossing Guard Guidelines

  • Crossing Guard Requirements

    Students enrolled in Alvord Unified School District in Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and grades 1 to 8, needing to cross the street, shall be provided escort service at those locations where traffic is not controlled by a traffic officer or an official traffic control signal.

    Additionally, drivers shall ask students daily at each stop if they must cross the street to reach their destination. If so, the students crossing the street shall be escorted. Each student being escorted across the street is required to cross under authority of the driver.


    Boarding: School Bus Loading: Procedures at the Bus Stop and Crossing Instructions

    The school bus driver must follow the procedures outlined in the California Department of Education Instructors Manual for School Bus Drivers Training Course at every bus stop.

    • If students are on the opposite side of the road (road upon which the school bus stops) they must not cross the street until after the bus driver gives them instructions and turns on the flashing red crossover lights. Students in Transitional Kindergarten (TK), Kindergarten and 1 through 5 must wait for the bus driver to physically escort them across the street to the bus.
    • While waiting for the bus, students must respect the property rights of owners near the stop. Vandalism, dangerous play, excessive noise and obscene language or gestures may result in disciplinary action being taken. Students should wait for the bus in a safe location, well of the roadway. The bus will stop twelve feet before it reaches the students. The students should remain in a single file line and not approach the bus until the bus driver opens the entrance door. Students should load the bus in an orderly fashion, use the handrail with no pushing or shoving and find a seat quickly. Students are to place their backpacks in their laps and use quiet voices on the bus.


    Exiting: School Bus Unloading: Procedures (determining if student requires and escort) & Crossing Instructions

    • The bus driver shall stop to load or unload student only at a designated bus stop. (This includes students on field trips and athletic trips).
    • Prior to releasing any student, the driver shall check with all students at the assigned stop in order to determine if any students require a street crossing escort. The escort is for those who need to cross the road upon which the school bus is stopped.
    • Prior to any student leaving his/her seat, the bus driver will bring the bus to a complete stop, set the parking brake, secure the bus, activate the red crossover light and then open the door when it is safe to do so.
    • If you cross the street wait until the bus driver indicates it is safe to do so. Students in Transitional Kindergarten (TK), Kindergarten, and 1st through 5th grade must wait for the bus driver to physically escort them across the street.
    • Never cross behind the bus.


    Danger Zone – Students are to stay out of the school bus “Danger Zone."

    The “Danger Zone” is a 12 foot space all around the school bus. The school bus driver cannot easily see students in this zone. Students are to move away from the bus door quickly and stay clear of the wheels.  



Contact Transportation

  • First Student Transportation

    Office Hours:  

    Monday - Friday
    5:00 a.m. - 6:15 p.m.

    Phone: (951) 785-0122
    Fax:  (951) 785-8150


    Emergency Contact
    In case of emergency, collision, or breakdown call one of the numbers listed below.  
    Please include location, load size, and problem.

    Alisha Fogerty 
    Assistant Superintendent
    Business Services

    Pauline Kawahara
    Administrative Assistant
    Business Services 

    Office: (951) 509-5095

    Maintenance and Operations
    Office: (951) 509-5025
    After Hours and Weekend Security Number
    (951) 396-0793

Last Modified on July 20, 2023