Bus Pass Requirements

  • All Alvord Unified School District students riding Home to School buses will be required to use a bus pass.  All school bus drivers must check for bus passes on a daily basis, AM and PM, for grades TK through 5. 

    Student ID cards are not a bus pass and will not indicate whether or not a student is a bus rider.  All drivers must see a laminated bus pass with the student name, school and bus stop.  The back of the card there will be a colored circle which will correspond with the color of bus the student rides.

    All school sites will have the ability to issue ONE DAY temporary bus passes, only for those students who have lost their official bus pass.  The One Day passes and coupons from those students who are coupon riders, must be collected by all drivers, torn in half and put into your pouches.  At the end of each day, all passes collected in your pouches need to be turned into the Transportation office.  The District Office will have the ability to issue a temporary bus pass for an extended period of time, if need be.


    Students without a Bus Pass:


    • Pick student(s) up and take them to school
    • Call dispatch and have school site staff meet the bus
    • Students without a bus pass will need to wait on the bus until site staff receives the student


    • Ask student for their name and call name into dispatch
    • Send student to site personnel in the loading zone
    • Wait two minutes after the scheduled departure time, and if the student has not returned with a One Day bus pass, notify dispatch that you are departing the Loading Zone without the student.


    Drivers who need to verify a student may call into dispatch.  Dispatch will have the most current list of approved riders and their bus stop information.   

Contact Transportation

  • First Student Transportation

    Office Hours:  

    Monday - Friday
    5:00 a.m. - 6:15 p.m.

    Phone: (951) 785-0122
    Fax:  (951) 785-8150


    Emergency Contact
    In case of emergency, collision, or breakdown call one of the numbers listed below.  
    Please include location, load size, and problem.

    Alisha Fogerty 
    Assistant Superintendent
    Business Services

    Pauline Kawahara
    Administrative Assistant
    Business Services

    Office: (951) 509-5095

    Maintenance and Operations
    Office: (951) 509-5025
    After Hours and Weekend Security Number
    (951) 396-0793

Last Modified on July 20, 2023