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  • The GATE office assists schools to provide Gifted and Talented students and families with appropriate opportunities for identification, educational experiences, staff development, and parent/community participation. Parents are encouraged to participate in their school GATE Advisory Council as well as the District GATE Advisory Council (DGAC). Identified GATE students at each school participate in GATE activities during the school day. GATE students may also participate after school, during intersession, or summer break in school or District sponsored GATE activities.

  • A Gifted and Talented Education program shall be available to provide unique learning environments and opportunities for pupils who are identified as gifted and talented as measured by tests and demonstrations of intellectual achievement and unique production.  Full participation of pupils from economically disadvantaged and varying cultural backgrounds shall be ensured.


    GATE Philosophy

    The Alvord Unified School District is committed to providing an appropriate and challenging program to meet the diverse needs of gifted and talented students.  Administrators, teachers and parents are provided with growth opportunities in meeting these needs.  Given a stimulating learning environment, students meet their full potential and demonstrate their unique productive talents as they work through challenging situations.


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