• Appropriately Differentiated Curriculum

    GATE students receive differentiated curriculum and instruction throughout the regular school day, as well as during supplemental before or after school programs.Appropriate differentiation refers to the following principles, when applied to the standard adopted instruction and curriculum: Depth, Complexity, Novelty, and Acceleration, according to standards adopted by the California Association for the Gifted (CAG).


    Curriculum Depth


    The program provides details that further understanding in the area of study.  Concrete is directed toward abstract, known toward unknown.  Students may look at historical patterns and trends within the area of study.


    Curriculum Complexity


    Problems, issues and prevailing themes within the area of study are defined.  Connections are made between various areas of study.  The subject is looked at from a variety of perspectives and multiple solutions are sought.


    Curriculum Novelty


    Personal expression and interpretation of knowledge is sought.  Original investigations and experiments are pursued.  New and unique ways of teaching and learning are undertaken.


    Curriculum Acceleration


    Advanced resources and strategies are employed to study a subject at a more sophisticated level.


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