Who are the Gifted and Talented?

  • The definitions are as varied as the educational programs serving them.  For our purposes, let's say that gifted and talented children are those who are clearly superior in academic excellence and/or creative ability.  Many of the following characteristics are evident in gifted or talented children:  

    • Verbal fluency
    • Intellectual Curiosity 
    • Independent work habits
    • Sustained concentration
    • Learns easily
    • Self-critical capacity 
    • Keen sense of humor
    • Ability to memorize easily
    • Applies learning from one situation to different situations
    • Superior reading ability 
    • Goal-directed behavior
    • Creative thinking skills
    • Idealism, sense of justice
    • Originality & Persistence


  • Identification Criteria

    The process for identifying G.A.T.E. students differs in each school district.  Some or all of the following identification method may be used in Alvord Unified School District.

    • Analysis of school records
    • Reports from parent and teachers
    • Evaluation using a formal non-verbal, abstract reasoning assessment tool.
    • Standardized test scores



    Students are placed into appropriate G.A.T.E. programs once written consent is received from parents of identified students. An appeal process is available to parents for any child who has not fully met the admission criteria in the recommended program category.

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