Trustee Map

  • A “trustee area” is an area that is represented by one Board Member within an assigned boundary. This method assigns a Board Member to represent a specific geographical area. The distinct areas are separated by using different colors on the map. This assigned Board Member cannot represent areas outside of their boundary. This boundary is shown on the Board Approved Trustee Map. Each colored section of the map will be represented by one Board Member, to be determined at a later election. 

    Trustee Area 1 - Mrs. Georgina Ramirez
    Trustee Area 2 - Ms. Lizeth Vega
    Trustee Area 3 - Mrs. Julie A. Moreno
    Trustee Area 4 - Mr. Robert Schwandt
    Trustee Area 5 - Mrs. Carolyn M. Wilson

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Last Modified on January 13, 2023