Bus Safety Tips

    1. Always be at your bus stop on time.

    2. Wait in line for the school bus. Don't play in the street.

    3. Wait for the bus to stop completely. Then enter in single file using the handrail.

    4. Always find your seat quickly and stay seated. Talk quietly. Do not eat or drink and don't leave trash on the bus.

    5. Listen to your bus driver.

    6. Never put your head or arms out the window.

    7. Know where the emergency exits are. Do not play with them.

    8. Never throw things while on the bus.

    9. Wait for the bus to stop completely before leaving your seat.
      Then get off in single file.

    10. Walk a safe distance away from the bus so the driver can see you and know that you are out of danger.

    11. If you must cross in front of the bus, make sure the driver can see you. Wait for the driver's signal to cross. Look both ways. Cross the street carefully. Do not run