Dress Code

  • Dress Code and Grooming

    Rosemary Kennedy encourages a School Uniform Policy as it has proven to maintain a climate of high standards, school spirit, and an atmosphere of excellence at our school.  Parents who choose not to have their child comply with the school wide uniform policy are required to adhere to Board Policy 5132 regarding dress code, grooming, and gang violence.

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    All students are required to show proper attention to cleanliness, health, neatness, safety, and appropriateness of clothing and appearance for school activities.  Clothing which is disruptive to school operations and educational process in general is prohibited.  Parents or guardians will be notified whenever a child appears in violation of the dress and grooming policy:

    • Dress should be appropriate for the season and the occasion.  Extreme styles that may disrupt the educational process or any other school activity is prohibited.
    • Clothes must present a well groomed appearance.
    • Revealing clothing is not permitted.  Under clothes (bras, underwear, etc.) are not be exposed.
    • No halter tops or backless shirts.  Straps must be 1” or more in width.
    • Shoes must have a back strap.  No flip-flops or slippers.
    • Sandals may be worn only if they have a front and back strap, according to California Education Code.
    • Tennis shoes are encouraged for a safer option, allowing greater participation in Physical Education and other outdoor activities.
    • Shoes with wheels are not permitted.  If students, come to school with wheels on their shoes, parents will be notified and the wheels will be removed.
    • Clothing that is offensive or may promote gangs, drugs, or alcohol is not permitted.
    • Hats may be worn outdoors for sun protection.  Articles may not be altered and must be worn brim forward. Hats are not allowed to be worn indoors with the exception of medical reasons.
    • Gang related headgear and other apparel is prohibited as defined by the principal.