Stokoe Elementary School Safety Plan


    Stokoe students will engage in quality learning opportunities that enable them to meet California Common Core State Standards and become productive citizens.  Each student is encouraged to take responsibility for his or her own learning and behavior.  We urge parents and guardians to be actively involved in supporting our efforts.  The following school-wide expectations have been developed to provide a safe and secure learning environment. It is the responsibility of each parent and teacher to instruct the students in proper behavior at school and to be consistent in the enforcement of these rules.  The consequences and disciplinary actions have been carefully considered and will be enforced if expectations are not met.


    Anti-bully Policy:  Alvord Unified School District has adopted policies and procedures to address bullying behavior.  In addition, Stokoe has adopted curriculum to support these efforts.  If you or your child believe you have experienced or witnessed bullying behavior at school, please report this directly to a staff member as soon as possible.


     Click here for information on our District Safety Plan.

  • Drop-off and Pick up Procedures at Stokoe Elementary School

    School Arrivals and Departures:

    Safety of our children is essential.  Student behavior to and from school is subject to school behavioral expectations.  Students riding a school bus must abide by all rules on the bus contract.  Continued misbehavior on the bus may result in loss of bus privileges.   The following information will help your child be safe:

    1. Insist that your child go directly to and from school.  We encourage parents never to let students travel alone.

    2. Students should not arrive before 8:15 a.m.

    3. Before school, primary and upper grade students will line up to be escorted to playground. Students wait in their classroom line for their teacher to escort them to class.

    4. At dismissal, students stay with their teachers until they reach the gate where they are released.

    5. All students must wait by the front gate for siblings or friends; students may not wait by other classrooms.

    6. Please pick students up PROMPTLY after school.  Parking lot curbing is a drop off and pick up zone only – you must stay in your car so that you don’t interrupt the flow of traffic.  Parents must park in marked spaces only. 

    7. Students are not to cross the bus lane, parking lot, or street except at crosswalks. 

    8. Teach your child to walk on the side of the road facing on-coming traffic if there are no sidewalks.

    9. Advise your child to avoid strangers, and not get into a car with someone s/he doesn’t know. Tell him/her not to accept money, candy or presents from strangers or other students, and not to help a stranger look for lost animals or get directions.

    10. Parents picking up and dropping off students are required to comply with all traffic instructions for the safety of all children.  Please be courteous of others by not blocking vehicle or pedestrian traffic, and by following requests made by staff.  Parking is permitted only in designated areas.  NO CURB PARKING ALLOWED IN PARKING LOT.

  • Parking Lot Procedures

    • There is a one-way flow of traffic during arrival and dismissal

    • The only point of entry in the morning is the main gate by the front office.

    • Families may drop students off in the large lane in the front of the school or on Ambs.

    • Students dropped off on Ambs may walk down the ramp and use the crosswalk in our parking lot. No students may walk up or down the hillsides.

    • Parking is available in the lots near the MPR or near the Kinder playgrounds. Parents must park in marked spaces only.

    • All parking lot curbs are drop off and pick up zones only—drivers must stay in cars so that you do not interrupt the flow of traffic. Pull completely forward at all curb zones so that we can load/unload as many students as possible.  If you would like to walk your child to the gate, you must park in a designated parking area.

    • Students are not to cross the bus lane, parking lot or street except at crosswalks. 

    • Parents and students are required to comply with and follow all traffic and safety rules when dropping off and picking up students.  Please be courteous of others by not blocking vehicle or pedestrian traffic and by following requests made by staff and traffic helpers.  NO CURB PARKING ALLOWED IN PARKING LOT OR PICK UP AREAS—NO DOUBLE PARKING

    Traffic Flow