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Design, Visual and Media Arts

  • The Digital Visual and Media Arts pathway is for studetns interest in discovering what the vast world of digital media production has to offer. This pathway will prepare students for college and career readiness by providing the knowledge and technological skills needed to be successful in the technology-driven 21st century. 

    The demand for digital skills continues to grow across the labor market and is infused into new jobs with related skill sets. Many professional and businesses services industries use digital media tools to communicate their messaging through graphic design, advertising, social media campaigns, videography, and more. Reports indicate that 82% of middle-skill jobs are now “digitally intensive.” Incumbent workers need to regularly acquire new digital skills in order to stay ahead of job market changes and to advance in their careers.

Pathway Offered At:

    • Wells Middle School
      • Intro to Media Design
    • Hillcrest High School
      • Digital Imaging
    • Norte Vista High School
      • Film Production
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