Writing the Weekly Plan

  • "To keep everything seamlessly connected, the templates for each unit of study need to be clearly linked to one another. The weekly template needs to align with the unit planning organizer templates, and the daily lesson plan template needs to align with the weekly template. To ensure this alignment, these different planners should all share a majority of the same elements." (Rigorour Curriculum Design p. 233)


    Included below are a document that you can fill in with Microsoft Word and a .pdf file.This is one option for a weekly planner. It has been designed by Larry Ainsworth. The benefit of using this weekly planner is the connection it has to Rigorous Curriculum Design. Using the planner will help you utilize the strength found in RCD. Inside of the weekly planner are columns on the right. This area is designed for you write the names of students who need interventions.


    Weekly Plan PDF

    Weekly Plan Document

weekly planner