Daily Lesson Planning

  • "One stumbling block that occurs when designing daily lessons is the difficulty of finding the balance between writing too little and too much detail. To write a thoughtful, comprehensive lesson plan takes time, thought, and energy. Teachers want the lesson plan to be comprehensive, but not take so long to write that they are unable to adequately prepare for the other lessons they must teach.


    Collaborative planning and writing of daily lessons can be a great help in this regard. Teachers can divide up the workload while sharing ideas with one another. Not only does this result in the exchange of effective ideas for implementing the lesson, it also promotes consistency and quality in the daily plan and reduces needless redundancy. Collaboratoin makes it possible for educators to "work smarter, not harder" and build a shared confidence in planning a quality lesson that includes all the key elements they know to be necessary."


    (Ainsworth 2010 Rigorous Curriculum Design p. 241)


    You can sample the following daily lesson plans and choose to use them or modify the plan to make it work better for you.

    Word Document Daily Lesson Plan


    Word 2010 Document Daily Lesson Plans with Clickable Boxes
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