• The Loma Vista Science Department has fully inegrated the Next Generation Science Standards into our curriculum.


    Our teachers create engaging lessons that include Science and Engineering Practices to describe behaviors that scientisis engage in as they investigate phenomena and build models and theories about the world and use key engineering practices to design and build models and systems:

    1. Asking questions (science) and define problems (engineering)

    2. Developing and using models

    3. Planning and carrying out investigations

    4. Analyzing and interpreting data

    5. Using mathematics and computational thinking

    6. Constructing explanations (science) and designing solutions (engineering)

    7. Engaging in argument from evidence

    8. Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.


    7th grade science students developing models of buildings that will with-stand an earthquake, carrying out an investigation, and analyzing their data



    Next Generation Science Standards:


    Common Core Standards for Science and Technical Subjects: