Alvord Strategic Plan

  • Our priorities are:

    Students, Teachers and Instructional Content.



    • Courage

    • Inclusiveness

    • Innovation

    • Integrity



    The Alvord Unified School District Promise:

    All students will realize their unlimited potential.


    Mission Statement

    Alvord Unified School District, a dynamic learning community that embraces innovation, exists to ensure all students attain lifelong success through a system distinguished by:

    • Active and inclusive partnerships

    • Relationships that foster a culture of trust and integrity

    • High expectations and equitable learning opportunities for all

    • A mindset that promotes continuous improvement

    • Multiple opportunities for exploration and creativity

    • Professional development that promotes quality teaching and learning

    •  Access to learning experiences that promote a high quality of life



    •  We will collaboratively develop policies that support equitable learning opportunities for all.

    •  We will hold everyone to a high level of accountability.

    • We will not allow economic, social and academic barriers to impede the safety and education of our students.

    • We will respect and value the diverse roles of all individuals and their contributions.

    • We will only tolerate beliefs, decisions and actions that inspire students to succeed.



    We believe:

    • In individual empowerment

    • Everyone has the right to a world-class education

    • Success is our shared responsibility

    • Engaged learning strengthens our organization

    • Our community is enriched by its diversity

    • Innovation with inspiration transforms lives

    • Excellence is within everyone



    • All students will graduate from high school, ready for college and career

    • All students will contribute to a high quality of life in our community.

    • All students will be inspired to fulfill their own unlimited potential.



    • We will redefine and establish programs for students who pursue an alternative educational pathway.

    • We will collaborate with all partners and each other for the benefit of our students and the future of our community.

    • We will develop a comprehensive PreK-12 program that ensures quality and engaging instruction.

    • We will communicate effectively with all stakeholders in a clear and timely manner.

    • We will develop the character of each student to build a better and more unified community.

    • We will ensure, develop and support exemplary staff at all levels of the organization.

    • We will develop a system for meaningful family engagement.

    • We will develop a learning environment that challenges all students to achieve excellence.

    • We will develop a learning organization to address the unique situation of each student.


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