• La Granada Lions accept the challenge! Let's move together!!

    100 Mile Club provides the opportunity for all students, parents, and staff to set, meet, and exceed personal goals of running or walking 100 miles during a school year in a safe environment.  The club allows individuals to build on skills needed for success.

    • self-esteem
    • confidence
    • self-control
    • initiative
    • cooperation
    • team spirit
    • friendship
    • loyalty
    • grit


    Come run or walk with us every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7:20-7:40am.

    The 100 Mile club will be cancelled during the following weather conditions: 
    • Windy days
    • Rainy days
    • Cold days (40F or below)


    Show your grit!

    Join 100 Mile Club!


100 Mile Club
  • Questions? Please contact 100 Mile Club Coaches at 951-358-1615. 


    Mrs. Monsoor


    Mrs. Morales