• Bus Transportation

    *Home to school transportation has been discontinued. Requirements below exist for the purpose of bus use for school activities and school sponsored events.

         Students must have their bus pass/permission slip and student identification each day/time in order to ride the bus.

         Lost, stolen, or damaged ID cards and bus passes can be replaced for a $10.00 processing fee. Report to the office at Villegas Middle School for a new ID card.

         Good behavior is expected from all students while they are riding the bus for a school activity.  All school rules apply on the bus.  Any student who violates the bus rules or the school rules while on the bus will face disciplinary action which will include the loss of his/her bus privileges for a specified period of time, depending on the severity of the rule infraction.

         The following bus regulations must be adhered for safety reasons:

    • The bus driver has complete authority on the bus.  Students are to respect that authority.
    • Each student must ride the bus to which he/she is assigned.
    • No students will be permitted on the bus until the driver is aboard.
    • Students will not be permitted to ride the bus without a valid student ID.
    • Students with after school detentions must provide their own transportation.

    Specific information regarding the rules and regulations can be found in the bus contract.