Student Personal Property

  • Rules Regarding Student Property

          Students are not allowed to bring radios, tape recorders, CD players, cameras, electronic games,toys, stuffed animals, MP3 Players/iPods, iPad’s or Tablets, permanent markers,laser pointers, and other personal items to school because there is a risk that these items may be lost, stolen, damaged or disrupt the learning environment.  Instructional minutes will not be used to investigate lost or missing items.  Prohibited items will be confiscated stored in a safe place, and returned only to parents/guardians.  If a student needs these items for a class project, he/she must receive written permission from the teacher.  The teacher will take responsibility for cataloging impounded items. Parents/guardians may recover confiscated items, not held in evidence, within 30 days.  Items not recovered will be discarded within 30 days.


         Students are encouraged not to wear valuable jewelry or bring large quantities of money to school.  Except for special circumstances, students should not have money on them except to purchase lunch.

      Lost and Found

         If a student finds something on campus, he/she should take it to OCI.  If a student loses something, he/she should check with OCI immediately to see if the lost item has been turned in.  Unclaimed items are given to charity at the end of each month.

    Personal Sports Equipment

        Students may NOT bring any personal sports equipment to school.  This includes, but is not limited to, basketballs, soccer balls, racquet balls and footballs.  Appropriate equipment will be provided to students for use before school and during lunch.  Personal sports equipment brought to school will be confiscated and held in OCI for parent pick up.  Reoccurring incidents of this nature will result in formal disciplinary consequences