• Skill Focus:  Nonsense Word Fluency


    Teacher generated list of nonsense words

    White board/marker/eraser

    Teacher Modeling and lesson:

    “We are going to practice sounding out nonsense words.  Remember nonsense words are words that do not make any sense. “

    Pass out a practice sheet that contains nonsense words.  Teacher will write a couple of examples on the board.  Model how to sound out words by each separate phoneme and then blending.  Then model how to blend smoothly.  Practice how to blend smoothly with a partner.  After some practice break the group up into two teams.  Teacher will write a nonsense word on a white board.  A representative from each team will come up and put their backs to the teacher.  The teacher will show the word to the rest of the class (if someone on either team reads out the word that team will lose a point).  The teacher counts to three.  The student representatives turn around and try to blend the word smoothly.  The first team to do so wins a point.