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    Series 2000

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    This mini base contains only those Board Policies (BP), Administrative Regulations (AR), Exhibits (E) and Bylaws of the Board (BB) that have been adopted/approved by the Alvord Unified School District Board of Education.


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    This page contains Board Policies, Administrative Regulations and bylaws of the Board.  

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    1312.3 Uniform Complaint Procedures BP AR   11/03/2016
    0450 Comprehensive Safety Plan
    AR   11/03/2016
    0520.2 Title I Program Improvement Schools
    AR   11/03/2016
    0520.3 Title I Program Improvement Districts





Code Description BP AR E Policy Adopted Policy Amended
2000 Concepts and Roles BP 5/3/2001 6/26/2008
2110 Superintendent Responsibilities and Duties BP 5/3/2001 6/26/2008
2111 Superintendent Governance Standards BP 6/26/2008
2120 Superintendent Recruitment and Selection BP 5/3/2001 6/26/2008
2121 Superintendent’s Contract BP 5/3/2001 6/26/2008
2140 Evaluation of the Superintendent BP E 5/3/2001 4/21/2011
2210 Administrative Discretion Regarding Board Policy BP 5/3/2001 1/14/2010
2220 Administrative Staff Organization BP 5/3/2001 6/26/2008
2230 Representative and Deliberative Groups BP 5/3/2001 6/26/2008