Student Wellness Policy

  • The Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5030 “Student Wellness” Policy was revised and approved in March 2015.  This policy is in compliance with Education Code 49431. Alvord USD is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect student’s health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity.   

    At Foothill Elementary, we encourage parents to provide food for your child that is healthy and will teach them to make good health choices. You can support the wellness policy in the following ways:  

    • If you send or bring a lunch for your child, provide them with nutritious and healthy food items only.  Please refrain from including beverages and foods that do not meet the nutrition standards for individual foods and beverages. (See District Approved Food List below)
    • Encourage your child to exercise or engage in physical activities daily. Please limit the amount of idle TV and video game play.



  • Celebrations

    In addition, in order to comply with the Student Wellness Policy, Foothill Elementary has implemented the following policy for birthday and/or other classroom celebrations: 

    All students celebrating birthdays will be publicly recognized during announcements and will receive a certificate and small non-food treat to celebrate and honor their birthday. Classroom “birthday celebrations” parties involving cake, cupcakes, candy, pizza or other food will no longer be permitted. Students that wish to celebrate with classmates may do so outside of instructional minutes and school hours.
    Teacher initiated classroom parties/celebrations will be limited to 2 times in the school year. Only food and beverage items that meet the nutrition standards from the District approved food list are allowed. (See District Approved Food List below)


     The Foothill Elementary policies align with the District Student Wellness Policy and Alvord’s commitment to promote and support student health Thank you in advance for supporting our students and your children in the promotion of health and well-being. These patterns will support them in becoming healthier citizens.