• School Site Council (SSC)

    School Site Council (SSC) is a peer elected group of 10 that consists of 5 parents/community members, 3 teachers, 1 classified or other employee and the principal.  SSC meets monthly to make decisions and approve expenditures on the school budget and to develop, monitor implementation and evaluate effectiveness of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).  SSC utilizes and considers input from the English Learners' Advisory Committee (ELAC) when making decisions.  All SSC decisions are reported back to ELAC as part of the looping process between the 2 committees.  In addition, SSC provides input and supports administration in making decisions related to instructional programs, parent involvement, school procedures and student safety.  SSC members receive training to support them in their roles and responsibilities and to build their capacity to better support student learning.  Although SSC members are elected, the meetings are open and all parents are encouraged to attend and participate.

    Council Members 2018-2019

    Israel Avila, Principal

    Jessica Sedillo, Teacher

    Heidi Powers, Teacher

    Marina Williamson, Teacher

    Kristen Carroll, Literacy Coach

    TBD, Parent

    TBD,  Parent

    TBD, Parent

    TBD, Parent

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  • SSC Meeting Dates