Student safety is very important. The following are suggestions and rules which will help your child be safe.


    1. Parents must insist that children go directly to and from school. We encourage parents to never let students travel alone to and from school.

    2. Students should arrive at school between 7:30 a.m. and 7:50 a.m.

    3. All students must enter and exit our campus through front gate by the office.  Students may not enter through gates in the parking lot near the cafeteria.

    4. Parking is permitted only in designated areas.  You may NOT park in red zones, in the drive through zone in front of the school or in the middle of the street when dropping off or picking up children.

    The driveways on Wells Ave. in the front of the school are for loading and unloading only.  This area is not for parking and no vehicles are to be left unattended during arrival or dismissal. This impedes the flow of traffic. Many people have left their cars unattended and this has negatively affected the traffic.


    Traffic Flow Map

No cell phones