• Loading and Unloading of Students

    During arrival and dismissal, we encourage parents to (1) use the back gate on Mia Street, (2) Use the front parking lot curb (3) please pull as far forward as possible (4) do not block the flow of traffic any time, (5) park in designated areas only, and (6) not leave their car unattended in the loading/unloading yellow curb zone.  Safety and courtesy are to be observed for the benefit of our children and staff.


    The front parking lot curb is intended for the loading and unloading of students.  YOU MAY NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR UNATTENDED IN THE LOADING/UNLOADING ZONE.  Your cooperation in the parking lot will ensure safety for all students.  Children must use the marked crosswalk when walking through the parking lot or crossing the street even when accompanied by an adult.


    Thank you for your cooperation and patience in providing students, families, and staff of Terrace a safe environment.