Unorganized Student Fundraiser Account Procedures – Altura Credit Union

  • Please follow these procedures for the Student Fundraiser Account:


    • Each school is responsible for making their own deposits directly to the Altura Credit Union.  If you need deposit slips, contact Fiscal Services.
    • Forward all Deposit Forms with original receipt from bank to Janice Baxter, Fiscal Services.  Copies from triplicate receipts books issued when funds are collected must be included as deposit back-up.  Note receipt numbers on Altura bank deposit slips.  
    • This process enables us to credit your account.  If you do not forward the deposit slips, your account will not be credited.


    • When you need a check issued, please do the following:
      1. Request the check in writing,
      2. Have the Principal sign the request – (NO STAMPED SIGNATURES),
      3. Attach the original invoice with the dated signature of the person who received the goods; and
      4. Forward the request to Janice Baxter in Fiscal Services.
    • When the request is received, the amount will be subtracted from your account and the check will be processed.
    • After the check is processed, the check will be mailed.  If the check needs to be picked up, please indicate a contact name and phone number and you will be notified by Janice Baxter in Fiscal Services to pick up the check.
    • For more information, refer to the Alvord Elementary Fundraiser Manual.


    NOTE: All funds collected must be deposited into your site’s Student Fundraiser account at Altura using the Student Fundraiser Deposit Form.  Payments are to be made in the form of a Student Fundraiser check using the Student Fundraiser Check Request Form. 

Contact ASB District

Last Modified on July 5, 2022