Homework Zone

  • Some students learn to become organized by watching and imitating others. Some do not figure out what it takes to be organized on their own. Being successful in school can often be linked to organizational skills.  

    So, what can you do to help your child to learn to become organized?


    • Have a space at home strictly for homework/study sessions
    • Make sure the space is well lit and stocked with paper, pens, ruler dictionary, etc.
    • Make sure the space is not too comfortable- you don't want them to fall asleep!
    • Have your child use a desk or another flat surface rather than studying on the floor or sprawled across a bed
    • Remind your child to file all assignments, papers, returned tests, etc., in a binder so they can be found easily as needed
    • Encourage your child to use a student planner to write down assignments and upcoming tests
    • In the evening, talk with your child about the next days committments and prioritize them