Career Center and Work Experience


    The La Sierra and Norte Vista Career Centers contain information about post high school education including trade schools, community colleges, four year universities, and the military. Work Experience Education is an elective program whose purpose is to help students select and prepare for a career. The job site is the class setting and the supervisor is the teacher. Credit is awarded for learning on the job not just for having a job. Additional job related information is presented to students in a weekly Work Experience class which deals with the essential skills of getting a job, keeping ajob, leaving a job and economic awareness. The program has an open-entry, open-exit format which allow students to enter and exit anytime during a semester. Variable credit may be awarded under these circumstances. Work permits may also be obtained from either location. For more information, please contact La Sierra High School at (951) 358-1725 or Norte Vista High School at (951) 358-1740.