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    The original yellow one-classroom, frame building schoolhouse was built in 1901 and was known as Alvord Grammar School, grades one through eight.

    As late as 1907, the school still had only one teacher and 22 pupils.

    In 1912, the school grew to three classrooms and a bell tower. Alvord Grammar School sat on the present site of Alvord Continuation High School.

    The Alvord District unified in 1960, becoming a kindergarten through grade 12 district.

    In 1962, the original building, which was built in 1924, was inspected and did not meet the Field Act requirements for earthquake safety and from then on was used only for storage. Due to cost, District officials opted to demolish the building instead of spending the money to bring it up to code. Demolition was slated for 1991. A wing that was adjacent to the original 1924 building remains standing and is fully operational.  




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