• First Steps of the School Year or Semester

    Posted by Mark Rasmussen on 7/31/2015

    At the beginning of the year or semester it is important to follow these steps first. There are videos throughout this website to help you accomplish these steps.

    1. Create Gradebooks - You need to do one of the following two options.

    • Add Gradebooks Individually - Class by Class

    2. Link Gradebooks if applicable

    3. Verify and set Gradebook Options

    4. Add Category Types

    5. Add students to Gradebook

    6. Add Assignments

    7. Enter scores for students using one of these methods

    • Scores by Class
    • Scores by Student
    • Scores by Assignment
    • Quick Data Entry
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  • Adding a Gradebook

    Posted by Mark Rasmussen on 7/30/2015

    Adding a gradebook is usually done at the beginning of each semester. Here is how to get started. This is usually the first step you take at the beginning of the year. Here is a video from Aeries.com and a supporting docuement at the bottom.


    Video - Add Gradebook

    Adding an Aeries Gradebook


    Adding a Gradebook Handout


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  • Linking Gradebooks

    Posted by Mark Rasmussen on 7/29/2015

    Linking Gradebooks is used when you know that two or more gradebooks that will have the same exact assignments for the semester. It makes managing assignments easy. It is very important to note that gradebooks should be linked before assigning any assignments. Once gradebooks are unlinked they should not be relinked. Here is brief video to show linking classes.

    Video - Linking Classes

    Aeries Linking Gradebooks


    Linking Gradebooks Handout

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  • Setting up Categories of Assignments for your Gradebook.

    Posted by Mark Rasmussen on 7/28/2015

    Before finishing setup of a gradebook you need to setup your gradebook categories. Category types might be homework, classwork, quizzes or other types. You can watch the video and use the document to assist in setting up categories.


    Video - Categories for Gradebook

    Video for Gradebook Categories


    Adding Categories to the Gradebook - Handout

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  • Exploring ALL Gradebook Options

    Posted by Mark Rasmussen on 7/27/2015

    In this video Andrea MacDonald from Aeries explores all the options in the Gradebook. One option teachers might find interesting is "Applying Scores Immediately." All options in the Gradebook are explained.


    Video - Gradebook Options

    Aeries Gradebook Options


    Gradebook Options Handout

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  • Editing a Gradebook

    Posted by Mark Rasmussen on 7/26/2015

    Some teachers are perfect and never make a mistake. For those teachers who aren't perfect here is a video that will describe how to edit a gradebook to make changes. The changes you may want to make is the name of the gradebook. Remember the name of the gradebook is seen by students, teachers, and the school office.


    Video - Editing the Gradebook

    Editing the Aeries Gradebook


    Editing the Gradebook Handout

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  • Mass Adding Students

    Posted by Mark Rasmussen on 7/25/2015

    Adding Students to your gradebook should be done at the beginning of the semester. When a new student comes in they can be added as well. Watch this video to find out how.

    Video - Mass Adding Students

    Mass Adding Students to Gradebook


    Adding Students Handout

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