The behavior policies of Collett Elementary School are designed to ensure that each student has the opportunity to learn in a safe and secure environment. Our aim is to develop responsibility, citizenship, and respect for others. Each teacher has a classroom behavior policy and an appropriate reinforcement system. This policy will be communicated to parents at the beginning of the year at Back-to-School Night.

    The school-wide behavior policy emphasizes positive campus behaviors and eliminates those behaviors that are unsafe and/or disruptive. To achieve these goals, the following school rules have been established:

    Failure to follow the rules may result in a warning, a detention, an office referral, a school suspension, and in extreme cases a school expulsion. A Reason for Suspension list is given to each student and parent at the beginning of the year in the “Annual Notices to Parents” handbook.


    School personnel may give a student a detention for any of the following reasons:

    •          Defiance or not following directions
    •          Not keeping hands, feet and objects to themselves
    •          Throwing rocks or any other items
    •          Unsafe play (misuse of equipment, climbing fences, etc.)
    •          In unauthorized areas
    •          Failure to line up at the bell
    •          Being disrespectful (yelling, calling names, etc.)
    •          Threats or Fighting
    •          Violation of cafeteria rules, or other violations

    Based on the severity of the behavior, the school administrator, teachers, playground supervisors or counselor may counsel the student, assign a consequence or send the student to the office with a Behavior Notice.  



    School personnel will write an Office Referral for the following unsatisfactory conduct to students:

    • Failure to follow directions or violation of school or class rules
    • Class disruption
    • Disrespect or defiance of authority
    • Leaving class without permission
    • Destruction of School or Private Property
    • Fighting
    • Theft or tampering with property of others
    • Threats or highly inappropriate comments
    • Profanity or offensive language
    • Possession of an inappropriate item
    • Bullying
    • Sexual Harrassment
    • Use/possession of a controlled substance


      Actions and recommendations will be taken by the Principal or designee. A child may be suspended based on the severity or the frequency of the act committed. A student may be suspended after accumulating three office referrals. Students will contact their parents to inform them of their misbehavior.