• Reading Tips

          Helping Your Student Read

    1. Read every day for at least 15 minutes
    2. Read a variety of subjects.  Poetry, biographies, mysteries, how to books, etc. 
    3. Ask questions (see below)
    4. Take turns.  Have everyone get involved.  Parents, grandparents, siblings, and babysitters.

    Asking Questions When Reading: A Parents' Guide To Reading

     Before Reading:

    • Look at the cover; what do you think this book will be about?
    • Do you know anything about "rockets"? Tell me. 
    • Who are the authors/illustrators of this book?
    • Have you read any other books by this author or about this subject? (make a connection to other related stories/books)
    • What does the back of the inside jacket tell us about this book? 


    While Reading:

    • Questions to assess understanding: What do you think "damp" means? (Ask questions regarding vocabulary words or unfamiliar words. Help scholar use context clues - use pictures to help with vocabulary and comprehension)
    • Questions to link experiences: Have you ever heard a wolf's cry?
    • Questions to compare: How is your family similar or different than the boy in this story?
    • Questions to relate or express opinion: Did you like this character/setting? Why/Why not?
    • Questions to predict: What do you think will happen?
    • Questions to guide observation: From the picture can you tell where the rabbit is going?


    After Reading:

    • What was the story about?
    • What was your favorite or least favorite part?
    • What would you change?
    • Would you recommend this story to a friend, why or why not?
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