• Share a workbook

    When you want others to view your Excel Online workbook but not make any changes to it, you can share it as a read-only workbook.

    1. Click Share.

      Invite people for sharing your workbook

    2. In the To box, type email addresses of people you want to share with. Press ENTER between multiple addresses.

      TIP    If you’d rather get a link that you can manually paste into an email or web page, under Share, click Get a link. Under Choose an option, select View only, and then click Create link.

    3. To set the workbook as view-only, click Recipients can edit.

      Invite people for sharing your workbook

    4. Click the arrow in Recipients can edit box, choose Recipients can only view, and then click Share.

      Option for changing workbook to view-only

      Excel Online emails a link to people you want to share the workbook with.

    NOTE   Sharing a workbook as read-only doesn’t prevent someone from downloading a copy of the workbook and making changes to their copy, but it does keep your original file intact.

    To learn more about sharing, see Sharing your workbook.


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