• More Ideas for Families

    Talk to your kids.  As you shop, play, work around the house.  Ask questions, listen to what they say, give explanations.  When you talk to your children you are helping them learn words and what they mean.  


    Read with your children.  Take turns, let them see you read.  Make it fun.  Build a bear cave out of blankets and have a cozy corner to share books in. Have a sharing time at dinner and let each family member tell about their favorite story.


    Visit the library. Let children choose books that foster a special interest such as animals, magic, sports, or drawing.  Let them practice their interests, for example a simple science experiment.  


    Recite poetry, sing songs, practice saying quotes.  This helps develop vocabulary, rhythm and memory.


    Get the family involved. Have an older child read to the younger ones, invite grandparents over for a reading picnic or tea party.  


    Plan outings. Children learn from what they see and do.  Go to the library and find a book on a place you visited such as a camping site or museum.


    Variety. Don't just read books, show children that print is everywhere.  Read milk cartons, street signs, cereal boxes, magazines, store signs, newspapers etc.


    Tell stories. Share stories you know from memory, tell stories about your family, have children practice telling a familiar story and giving it a new made up ending.  


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