• Task:  Students will choose one photo from the Pandemic Narrative Pictures collection and use the Narrative Writing Worksheet and/or Prewriting Story Map to help them write a narrative that describes the events leading up to the moment in their selected photo.  Include at least two (2) well-developed themes within the narrative as well as several pieces of evidence that supports each theme.  Be sure to include the selected photo at the beginning of the narrative.


    Students may wish to review themes by watching an Introduction to Thematic Statements PowerPoint presentation.


    Photo Narrative Rubric


    General Guidelines:

    • Double-space
    • Include a Word count


    Word Count:  This is a guideline only and DOES NOT guarantee you will earn that grade.  It is only accurate if you follow all the guidelines to support your narrative.


    A = 700+

    B = 600-699

    C = 500-599

    D = 400-499

    F = 000-399