• Content Area Reading Indicators (CARI) for Grades 7 and 9

    CARI stands for Content Area Reading Indicators, and is a formative assessment for 7th to 9th grade students. The CARI is directly aligned with the Common Core Standards in Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies and includes a Daze comprehension, a Silent Reading (SR) comprehension, and an Oral Reading (OR) measure. Each measure is arranged in triads which include one science passage, one social studies passage, and one prose passage.

    The final version of CARI will provide gating procedures so that the group-administered, less time-intensive components are given to more students while the individually administered, more time-intensive components are administered to fewer students, on an as-needed basis.

    CARI (DIBELS 7-9) assessments are brief, efficient, group administered for benchmarking, individually administered for additional assessment, standardized, and formative. 


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