• Indicadores Di‏námicos del Éxito en la Lectura (IDEL) for Dual Immersion Students

    IDEL is a research-based formative assessment series designed to measure the basic early literacy skills of children learning to read in Spanish. IDEL carefully takes into account the linguistic structure of the Spanish language including the phonology, orthography, and syntax. The measures are standardized, short, individually administered, and can be used to regularly monitor the development of early Spanish literacy skills.

    IDEL is used to test the automaticity of sound recognition and word reading as well as the fluency of reading connected text. It measures skills in all areas of the core components of beginning reading including: phonological awareness, alphabetic principle, accuracy and fluency with connected text, vocabulary and comprehension. IDEL also assesses letter naming fluency as an added indicator of risk.

    Each measure has been thoroughly researched and demonstrated to be a reliable and valid indicator of early literacy development in Spanish. IDEL is appropriate to use with students learning to read exclusively in Spanish, as well as in conjunction with DIBELS for students in bilingual, transitional, or two-way immersion programs that teach early literacy skills in Spanish and English.

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