• About Digital Library

    The Digital Library is an online collection of instructional and professional learning resources contributed by educators for educators. These resources are aligned with the intent of the Common Core State Standards and will help educators implement the formative assessment process to improve teaching and learning. The Digital Library incorporates collaboration features providing educators opportunities to review resources using a star rating system  and share their expertise with colleagues across the country in online forums.

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    Getting started with the Digital Library starts with reaching out to Mariela Aguilar in the Assessment Office. For Alvord Employees: Please email Mariela.Aguilar@alvordschools.org to get your account started.

    The presentation below is about the Digital Library and Interim Assessments. Interim Assessment results are viewed through the Digital Library. The document takes a few seconds to load.  When viewing Interim Assessment results you may be provided with links to resources in the Digital Library that will help students.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.