Learning how to calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA) is essential because you may play sports in high school and you need to know if you are eligible.  You also may be applying for scholarships and you need to have a certain GPA to apply.  Please watch this screen cast for more information!

    Grade Point Calculation


    Transcript analysis

    Transcript analysis is an important skill to learn so that you can understand how important grades are to earning your high school diploma and to getting accepted to a college.  Please watch this screen cast to learn more!

    Transcript analysis honors          Transcript analysis at risk


    Career Exploration Tool

    Exploring what you want to be or what you want to study in college is important so that you can choose the right classes in high school.   The more prepared you are the better success you will have to realize your unlimited potential.   Please watch this screen cast to learn how to navigate through O’net and discover if you would be a good doctor, scientist, or electrician.

    Career Exploration Tool