Families' Role in an Emergency

  • Make sure your emergency contact numbers are updated and on file in the office.

    • Stay calm during a school emergency
    • Listen carefully to emergency notification messages. Check the district and/or school website for breaking news updates as phone communication may be interrupted due to excessive calls.
    • Frequent rumors may surface: Rely on factual information from the school district or Public Safety officials.
    • Recognize that crisis counseling services will be available for children affected by a crisis. 

    Please do not rush to the school site to find out what is going on. If you go to a school during a lockdown, you may be stopped and asked to wait in a specified area off campus. 

    Families will be notified that the situation has been resolved via an automated phone message, through postings to the District or school website, and on the district's official social media channels.

    Strict pick-up procedures will be in effect after an emergency situation. To help reduce confusion and avoid delays, families should come to the pickup area with:

    • Photo Identification - This requirement applies to all families. A staff member that you do not know may be assisting to check-out students. If you do not have a photo ID, your student may not be released or it may cause significant delays. 
    • Your Mobile Phone - Emergency situations sometimes require changes to reunification plans. By having your phone with you, you will receive any updates sent via our automated notification system. 
    • Patience - In most situations, there will be a large number of families who choose to pick up their student after an emergency situation. This may result in an extended wait time as we verify ID's and call students to the reunification area. 
    • If you wish to allow a person such as extended family member or a neighbor to pick up your children, please plan ahead and make sure they are listed on your child’s emergency card.  Please also make sure that the person has instructions on where to pick up and what identification they will need to provide to sign your child out.