Communication during an Emergency

  • The first priority of school staff will be to ensure the safety of those on campus during an emergency situation.  We want parents and students to have accurate information, not rumors.  District staff will work with school staff to notify families of the situation as quickly as possible. In an emergency situation you can expect to receive communications in multiple ways including:

    Mass Notification 

    The district's mass notification system can quickly call parents, send e-mails and text messages.  IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION BE UPDATED FOR YOU TO RECEIVE THESE NOTIFICATIONS.  Typically, you will receive an initial call to let you know that there is an incident. You will then receive updates as information becomes available and a final call to alert you that the situation has been resolved.

    School & District Website 

    During extended emergency situations, updates will typically be posted to the school and/or district website.  You should check these pages frequently for the latest information. 

    News Media 

    The District actively works with news media during emergency situations to help share accurate and helpful information.  Please watch for OFFICIAL information from the District or first responders on news media.   

    Phone Calls

    During and after an emergency, school phone lines may become overloaded. Please refrain from calling a school during or right after an emergency if at all possible. If it is urgent that you get a message to the school for the safety of your student during an emergency, please contact the District Office at (951) 509-5000. 

    Social Media

    Accurate information and updates about emerging situations will be posted on the district’s official Social Media sites, Facebook and Twitter 

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    Kevin Emenaker

    Executive Director of Adminstrative Services Department

    Emergency Management

    Phone: (951) 509-6110


    Sandy Fielding

    Director II, Student Services Department

    District Communications

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