Digital Storytelling

  • Standards for the 21st-Century Learner

    • 4.1.8 Use creative and artistic formats to express personal learning.

    • 4.3.1 Participate in the social exchange of ideas, both electronically and in person.

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    Storyboard That 
    Storyboard That is a storyboarding tool that offers templates for students to create stories. This site offers scenes, characters, text bubbles, and much more to fill the storyboard frames. Need to outline a story, plan out an idea in a fun way; break down or plan out, Storyboard is a great way to do just that. Grades: K-12

    Tip: Have students create storyboards for their own stories in other AASL Best Websites winners like Zooburst or Storybird. 

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    My Storybook 
    My Storybook is a website and app where young people can create their own stories. Take a writing lesson, build your own storybook, keep and share your stories, it’s all here in My Storybook. No sign up necessary if you want to create a story. Just click Try Now and start creating. Sign up to save and share stories. Use drawings, text, scenes and more to create stories. A great, creative tool for digital storytelling. Grades: K-6 

    Tip: Create first time stories collaboratively as a class before having students create their own stories individually. 

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    Booktrack Classroom 
    Booktrack Classroom creates an immersive reading experience which allows students to read with a movie-style soundtrack. Students can read booktracks already created or can create and publish their own Booktracks using books preloaded in Booktrack or by adding in their own stories. Student work will be published and visible for their peers to enjoy. Grades: 3rd-12th

    Tip: Use Booktracks to bring life to a book and engage students into the story.

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