• Articulation

    Articulation is the process that links the curriculum between high school and community colleges/universities so that students can graduate from a high school to a community college or university with college credit. Articulated courses at Hillcrest High School are those that are identified by a community college or university as equivalent or comparable to courses taught on a community college or university campus. Completing an articulated course, for a specific major or for general education, enables students to satisfy a university admission and/or graduation requirement while at Hillcrest High School, prior to graduation. Hillcrest High School has articulation agreements with the California Community Colleges, transferrable to the University of California (UC), and/or the California State University (CSU).

    Articulated Classes at Hillcrest High School:

    In order to receive credit as an articulated class the student must receive a “B” or better in the class.

    Anatomy and Physiology (Survey of Human Anatomy & Physiology AMY 10): RCC. 3 units

    American Sign Language 2: RCC, CSU, and UC. 4 Units

    American Sign Language 3: RCC, CSU, and UC. 4Units

    Introduction to Engineering Using Inventor: Cerritos Community & CSU. 3 Units

    Principal of Engineering Technology: Cerritos Community & CSU. 3 Units