Curriculum Advisory Committee

  • Overview:
    In order to advance innovative course work to ensure that all student will realize their unlimited potential, the Alvord Unified School District has established a Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC).

    The purpose of the Alvord Unified School District Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) is to review and make recommendations on: (a) requests to pilot a new course; (b) results of courses piloted; (c) submitted course attribute changes; (d) proposed substantive changes to approved courses; (e) requests to establish school/college partnerships, and (f) conduct structured audits/reviews of the course of study and provide recommended changes. The CAC may also be called upon to undertake special assignments from the Superintendent that have implication to policy, regulations, or practices that impact student achievement. The Chair of the CAC takes the recommendations of the committee to the Superintendent and the Board of Education. The Chair of the CAC is responsible to communicate the decisions of the Superintendent and Board of Education and provide direction on those decisions.

    Governance Structure:

    • Formal Agenda
    • Formal Meeting Minutes
    • Agenda Posted Online
    • Robert's Rules of Order


    • Director, College and Career Readiness
      Craig Shiflett - Chair 
    • Executive Director, Ed Services 
      Dr. Sherri Kemp
    • Director, English Learner Support Services
      Martha Martinez
    • Director, Assessments
      Gina Simpson
    • Coordinator, Student Information System
      Quyen Nguyen
    • High School Principal
      Celeste Migliaccio 
    • School Counselors
      Arturo Avina, Pricilla Grijalva, Enedilia Medina, Virgina Sapien, Maureen Snyder, Luis Velazquez
    • Director, Special Education Paulina Nwuba
    • Curriculum Area Instructional Specialist
      Called as Needed

    Meeting Schedule for 2018-2019: TBA 

    District Office Third Floor Executive Director's Conference Room