CARI is a set of measures and procedures for assessing the literacy skills of 7th, 8th, and 9th graders.

    "CARI stands for Content Area Reading Indicators, and is a formative assessment for 7th to 9th grade students. The CARI is directly aligned with the Common Core Standards in Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies and includes a Daze comprehension, a Silent Reading (SR) comprehension, and an Oral Reading (OR) measure. Each measure is arranged in triads which include one science passage, one social studies passage, and one prose passage.

    CARI (DIBELS 7-9) assessments are:

    • brief
    • efficient
    • group administered for benchmarking
    • individually administered for additional assessment
    • standardized
    • formative because the teacher can use the information to help students

    Why use CARI?

    • identify students who may be at risk for reading difficulties (universal screening);
    • help teachers identify areas to target Common Core Stanadards  of instructional support;
    • monitor at-risk students while they receive additional, targeted instruction; and
    • examine the effectivess of a school's system of instructional supports."

    from www.dibels.org 

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