• Immediate Enrollment

    After identification as homeless, the school shall immediately enroll the student in school, even if records normally required for enrollment are lacking (e.g., academic records, special education records, proof of residency, medical records and/or immunizations).

    1. Every student must be enrolled immediately. “Enroll and Enrollment” are defined as attending classes and participating fully in school activities.
    2. The enrolling school shall immediately contact the last school of attendance to obtain academic, health and other relevant records that are lacking at the time of enrollment.
    3. As required for all students, an emergency contact form must be completed.
    4. A thirty (30) day conditional enrollment is to be granted if immunization records are not available at the time of enrollment. The school nurse will follow up every thirty (30) days until the immunization record is completed and the student continues to attend school. Enrollment MUST NOT be delayed, even if documents normally required for enrollment are lacking.
    5. If a homeless student was receiving accommodations under Section 504 but does not bring a current 504 plan to the school, the school is obligated to immediately enroll that student and provide the required accommodations (refer to BUL 4045.0 Section 504 and Students with Disabilities, dated January 15, 2008).


    Homeless students have the right to:

    Choose to:

    1. Remain at their “school of origin”, which is defined as the school the student last attended when permanently housed, or the school in which the student was last enrolled or to enroll in the public school serving the attendance area where the student is temporarily residing.
    2. Attend his/her school of origin, to the extent feasible, for the duration of homelessness. This includes situations where the student becomes homeless between academic years.
    3. Immediate enrollment in school. Immediate means on the spot or at the time the student or family is present in the school office. The family should not be told to return on another day or at another time. Enrollment means that the student is attending classes and participating in all school activities.
    4. Unaccompanied homeless youth have a right to enroll in school without a parent, guardian or caregiver. In situations where a student is a homeless unaccompanied youth, and the school has determined the child is mature enough to consent to disclosure of pupil record information, the student may authorize disclosure in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Contact the Homeless Education Program for assistance.