• The Centinela School District created brief videos to show how each embedded tool works. You can visit their SBAC website by clicking here. You can click on the "Tool Name" to watch a video of the tool in action. The tools are put into 3 categories.

    Accommodations are available only to those students with documentation of the need through either an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a 504 accommodation plan. Students who have IEPs or 504 accommodation plans also may use designated supports and universal tools.

    • American Sign Language: (:20)

      Test content is translated into ASL video. ASL human signer and the signed test content are viewed on the same screen. Students may view portions of the ASL video as often as needed.
    • Closed Captioning:  (:19)

      Printed text that appears on the computer screen as audio materials are presented.
    • Streamline: (:44)

      This accommodation provides a streamlined interface of the test in an alternate, simplified format in which the items are displayed below the stimuli. This accommodation may benefit a small number of students who have specific learning and/or reading disabilities in which the text is presented in a more sequential format. 
    • Text to Speech"

      No video is available for this demonstration. It can only be viewed through the Secure Browser.