• Superintendent’s Responses to LCAP Questions & Comments submitted by  District Parent Advisory Groups


    Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting - May 16, 2018


    Comment:  At McAuliffe Elementary, I’m concerned that the kinder playground meets up to a busy street with no privacy of buses or something to protect kids from anyone walking by to not be able to see them.  Can bushes be planted in front of the fences to block the street’s direct view of the students playing on the playground?

    Response:  We appreciate your suggested solution to a safety concern that you have identified.  Your concern and solution will be forwarded to the appropriate District personnel for review.


    Comment:  What about industrial arts?

    Response:  Industrial arts programs are serviced through Career Technical Education pathways.  In 2018-19, Wells Middle School will offer an “Introduction to Wood” course that will introduce students to curriculum leading to Norte Vista’s Green Construction Academy.  In addition, we are in the planning stages for an automotive program at Norte Vista High School.  Lastly, Hillcrest High School offers an Architect Pathway.


    Comment:  What safety measures will be funded as mentioned in the LCAP?

    Response:  The 2018-2019 LCAP school safety action includes establishing collaborative District and school safety committees to provide advice on safety measures, supporting the web-based visitor management system to screen visitors at all sites, and to provide resources to expand school safety programs.


    Comment:  What about funding after school sports or intramurals for the middle schools?

    Response: Middle school sports are currently funded through the after school program. 


    District English Learners Advisory Committee (DELAC) Meeting- May 30, 2018

    Comment: Part of this money could be utilized to train counselors a little more, so they know exactly what to say to students.  From my experience, I spoke to the counselor regarding a “C” my son had and the counselor told my son that it was okay.  To me as a parent, is incorrect that she told this to my son, a “C” for a university is not acceptable.

    Response: The counseling team has participated in a variety of professional learning over the years.  A concern of this type should be directed to the Principal, so we understand what type of training is needed.


    Comment:  There is no specific help to work and stop bullying.  If there was, there would be a big achievement on student performance and school insecurity.

    Response:  The District currently partners with the Riverside Medical Clinic Charitable Foundation to provide resources to our schools.  In addition to presentations and resources for students and families, the Foundation holds a day-long conference each year.  Last year, an Alvord Board Member joined us for the conference.  Each school has a method to report bullying and a specific response protocol.  The District also receives concerns via our website.


    Comment:  I would like part of that money to be spent on playground improvements.  Myra Linn could really use improvements in the older kids’ playground because it is ugly.  It would be nice to add benches to all the schools because a lot of kids like to read at recess.

    Response:  In the LCAP, the deferred maintenance action addresses improving the learning environments for our oldest schools including but not limited to carpeting, painting, roofing, asphalt, landscaping/irrigation, and general repair of facilities to maintain safety.  New playgrounds and benches are currently not included in this action.  At this time, the District funds repairing playground equipment that poses a health or safety concern.


    Comment:  I liked to see the budget increase in high school athletics support, but I would like it to increase in middle school as well.  I think it’s a good idea to keep the minds of our children engaged in sports. 

    Response:  Middle school sports are currently funded through the after school program.


    Comment:  I like how funds are being utilized but I would like if possible to have more visible police man at Elementary and Middle Schools. Also if there could be more surveillance at night.

    Response:  Through the LCAP, Alvord contracts with the City of Riverside as well as the County of Riverside to provide full-time School Resource Officers for the high schools.  These officers also provide support to the middle and elementary feeder schools as needed.  There is a Security department that provides property security in the evening, weekends, and holidays.  Other funding supports a contract with a security company to augment our security force when needed.  The District is considering other means of protecting schools from vandalism at night.


    Comment:  I like how funds are being spent. I agree with how it was explained and how they are distributed.

    Response:  Thank you for your support. 


    Comment:  L.S.H. counselor never called me to make an appointment regarding my son’s grades. Her only call in the entire year was to tell me that he was going to continuation school.  We need more help from counselors, they need to know how to act in these cases. I am a very active parent, I talked to teachers, vice principal….

    Response:  Our Counselors have very high caseloads and they attempt to contact parents when students are struggling. Parents can also initiate the call to the school to set up appointments anytime they have concerns. Setting up an appointment can be done in person, by phone or by e-mail.


    Comment:  Recommend: Have more surveillance or cross guards crossing the children at bus stops where there are a lot of children at the bus stop…

    Response:  Alvord contracts with First Student Transportation services for school busses.  The bus drivers are required and trained to provide safe street crossing, serving as a crossing guard, when picking up students in the morning and dropping these same students off in the afternoon.


    Comment:  My recommendation is to find a way to use this money to invest in computer equipment or computer programs so that our children can have help at school and at home.

    Response:  The LCAP supports providing students additional access to computers and technology in the classroom.  We are researching how to implement, fund and sustain 1:1 devices to support student learning at school and at home.


    Comment:  For reclassification:  Programs to learn English or different languages giving importance to bilingualism. Engaging programs in any language.

    Response:  The district provides language acquisition programs for all students identified as English learners.   All programs include English Language Development (ELD) and teaching strategies that are engaging and differentiated for each student’s level of English language proficiency. These strategies are used to help each student reach proficiency in speaking, reading and writing English, and succeed academically in all core subjects.  The following language acquisition programs are offered in Alvord and prepare students for reclassification:  Structured English Immersion (for students who are at less than reasonable fluency), English Language Mainstream (for students who are at a reasonable fluency), and Dual Language Immersion (a bi-literacy program entered in kindergarten).  The dual language immersion optional program is offered at Terrace and Valley View Elementary Schools.  Space is limited.  In 2018-19, the program will be offered from kindergarten through third grade.


    Comment:  Police security in schools

    Response:  Through the LCAP, Alvord contracts with the City of Riverside as well as the County of Riverside to provide full-time School Resource Officers for the high schools.  These officers also provide support to the middle and elementary feeder schools.


    Comment:  I think it is necessary to invest in training high school counselors because when I have questions they are rude and make me feel ignorant.

    Response:  When something like this happens, a call to the Principal would be appreciated.  This will help us know more about what type of training is needed.



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