• You have chosen the easy way to getting started with the Aeries Gradebook. The gradebooks will be created for you. As you become comfortable with how the gradebooks are created you will be able to customize the gradebooks to your classroom and teaching style. Along the way please feel free to contact at any time the following people in Student Information Systems. Scroll down for videos and handouts.

    Student Information Systems

    Faiza Asif 509-6118 - Information Systems Analyst




  • Requesting the Gradebooks from SIS

    Posted by Mark Rasmussen on 8/31/2017

    To begin with you need to request that the gradebooks be created. This request is made to the Student Information Systems Department. Click here to email them and make the request - sis@alvordschools.org. You can copy and paste this request:

    My name is "Insert Name Here." I teach the following grade(s). I teach at "Insert School Name."

    Please create the following gradebooks for me:




    Other Subjects

    Study Habits


    The request should be completed by the next work day.

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  • Aeries Gradebook Introduction

    Posted by Mark Rasmussen on 8/30/2017

    This is your introductory tour of the Aeries Gradebook dashboard. Some basics on changing views and navigation are presented. The video is 1 minute 21 seconds.


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  • Gradebook Options

    Posted by Mark Rasmussen on 8/29/2017

    Some basic options have been set for you in the gradebook. The video explain what these options are. By watching the video you will develop an idea of some options you may want to change. 2 minutes 32 seconds


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  • Gradebook Categories

    Posted by Mark Rasmussen on 8/28/2017

    The gradebook categories for ELA and Math come from the sub standards found in the report card. 1 minute 46 seconds