Kristine Galvan


  • Masters in Social Work and Pupil Personal Services Credential from USC with an emphasis on Children and families


         I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and have been licensed since 2008. I have 16 years of experience providing mental health services to children and families in various communities. During these past 16 years I have been fortunate to be involved in public education in one form or another always emphasizing the needs of our students and how their mental health or emotional needs require intervention in order for our students to benefit from their education. The past 9 years I provided Educationally related Mental Health Services to Several Districts in San Bernardino County.



  •      Alvord has been fortunate enough to hire Elementary school counselors to provide services to any and all students on our campuses who would like to utilize the services provided.  


    Current services:  
    Individual counseling for students
    Group counseling for students 
    Conflict resolution between students
    Positive Behavioral Interventions
    Educational groups for students
    Parenting groups
    Collaboration with teachers  


    Availability at Collett:
    Monday-Friday 8:15-3:45


    *My schedule is flexible and can be adjusted for the needs of students or families.