• Alvord Unified School District

    “The California Department of Education (CDE) supports high quality physical education instruction for every student.
    Physical education is important in the lives of our youth and is an instructional priority in our schools. It helps to combat high
    levels of obesity and diabetes as well as to increase the mental function and alertness of students. Research has established a
    connection between increased levels of physical fitness and success in learning.”

    -Letter from Jack O’Connell, State Superintendent of Public Instruction to County and District Superintendents and Charter School Administrators
    May 11, 2009.

    The Alvord Unified School District Elementary Physical Education program is designed to follow California’s
    content standards for physical education and to raise students’ levels of physical fitness. Students will learn new
    gross motor skills and games, improve their movement knowledge and ability to work with others, and create
    healthy attitudes toward lifetime fitness. The Elementary Physical Education staff looks forward to working with
    the staff and students at each site. The following information is provided to ensure that all students receive a
    quality physical education program.

    Physical Education Sample Routine
    1. Students are walked to the P.E. area by the classroom teacher. Students arrive in a quiet line, organized in
    alphabetical or numerical order. Students will either stand on a spot/number or sit, in order, on a carpet square.
    2. Warm-up exercises
    3. Lesson Introduction & Activity
    4. Cool down exercises & Lesson review
    5. Students line up in their assigned order. Teachers pick up students from the P.E. area.

    Arrival and Dismissal
    It is essential that teachers drop off and pick up their students on time. Students are expected to walk in a straight, single file
    line to and from the P.E. area accompanied by their classroom teacher. P.E. is an extension of classroom instruction and is not
    a free play or recess type of environment.
    Special Day Classes:
    SDC instructional assistants must accompany and remain with the SDC classes throughout the session. Special education
    assistants that provided one-on-one support to students must remain with their assigned student during the P.E. session.
    Students that receive adaptive physical education may participate in the scheduled P.E. session

    Attire and Water Bottles
    Students should be encouraged to wear appropriate clothing on their P.E. days. Sandals, skirts and dresses should be saved for
    a non-P.E. day. Tennis shoes that Velcro or tie, are the most appropriate. For safety reasons, a student may not be able to
    participate in certain activities if they don’t have appropriate shoes. Students are encouraged to bring water bottles to the P.E.
    session. Sunglasses and hats are OK for PE.

    P.E. teachers will handle the first steps of discipline within the session, but will keep the classroom teacher informed about
    student behavior. Each P.E. teacher provides service to approximately two elementary schools within the district. P.E. teachers
    will adhere to the discipline plan that is specific to the site they are servicing.
    Bathroom and Water Fountain Use
    Due to the large class size of each P.E. session and the amount of time allocated for each session, the number of students that
    can be sent to the drinking fountain and restroom during the P.E. session is limited.

    Grade Sheets
    At the end of each session classes will be given a grade sheet for the day. The class is graded on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being
    the very best in effort and behavior. There is a section for listing students with outstanding behavior and effort as well as a
    section for students with poor behavior. The effort and behavior listings are merely a communication tool between the PE
    teacher and classroom teacher. This information will help the classroom teacher when the grading period is complete.
    Grade sheets are most effective when they are used in a positive manner to motivate students to do their best in P.E. During
    morning announcements, some schools have chosen to acknowledge those classes that have earned 10’s during their P.E.
    sessions. Classes whose teachers walk their students out to P.E., state their expectations to the students for 10’s, and inquire
    about their score when they return seem to be the most successful classes.

    Trimester Grades
    Classroom teachers are responsible for giving physical education grades to their students. P.E. teachers will assist by sharing
    information through use of the grade sheets, verbal or other written communication, and PFT test results.
    Keeping Students out of P.E.
    P.E. teachers must be informed of any student missing P.E. and the reason they are not attending the session, and their
    whereabouts. Please do not keep students out of P.E. for disciplinary reasons. Physical education is a state required subject and
    students need to attend on a regular basis to be successful. For the safety of all students, any student kept in from P.E., must
    remain with the classroom teacher for the entire session.

    Sick Students
    Students unable to participate in a P.E. session must bring a note from a parent/guardian. A parent note is acceptable for three
    calendar days. A doctor’s note is required for any student that must be excused from P.E. for more than three consecutive
    calendar days. To ensure that teachers receive their required prep time, students may still attend the P.E. session even if they
    are unable to participate in the P.E. activities. Students that are not able to participate in the P.E. will be given an alternative
    assignment or asked to walk.

    Holidays & Make-up Sessions
    When necessary, make-up sessions for PE will be scheduled. Make-up PE sessions may occur at a time and/or day different
    from the regularly scheduled session. Make-up sessions might also be taught by another teacher. P.E. teachers will inform
    classroom teachers of the schedule for any make-up sessions.

    Inclement Weather Days
    Wind advisory, heat advisory and rainy days will require P.E. sessions to be conducted indoors. Each site will designate two
    indoor areas that can be used during inclement weather days. Multipurpose rooms and classrooms are acceptable indoor areas.

    Assemblies & Field Trips
    Please inform the P.E. teacher of a school assembly or class field trip scheduled during the PE session time. P.E. teachers will
    accompany the classes to assemblies scheduled during P.E. so that teachers are able to receive their required prep time. It will
    not be possible to make up classes that have missed P.E. sessions due to field trip attendance. For this reason, schools are
    encouraged to schedule field trips on days that do not conflict with the scheduled P.E. session.

    Teachers, please go directly to PE teacher, not PE assistant, with any concerns or requests.
    P.E. teachers must pick up a radio from the office when on campus for P.E. instruction. This will ensure that the P.E. teacher is
    able to communicate with the office in case of an emergency. P.E. teachers can also be contacted via district e-mail or by
    contacting Instructional Support Services.