What do Counselors do?


    Our counselors are dedicated to the success of each child on our campus.  We understand that each child is unique and comes to us with individual needs.  Counselors help students solve personal or school problems, and help students make future educational and vocational plans.  Students may make an appointment to see their counselor by coming to the office.  


    We focus on the following priorities for our students--

    Academic Development

    Students will:

                Improve Academic self-concept

                Acquire Skills for Improving Learning

                Achieve School Success

                Improve Learning

                Plan to Achieve Goals

                Relate School to Life Experiences

    Career Development

    Students will:

                Develop Career Awareness

                Develop Employment Readiness

                Acquire Career Information

                Indentify Career Goals

                Acquire Knowledge to Achieve Career goals

                Apply Skills to achieve Career Goals

    Personal /Social Development

    Students will:

                Acquire Self-Knowledge

                Acquire Interpersonal Skills

                Self-Knowledge Applications


    Counselors at Wells Middle School see students based on their last names.

    Ms. Ruiz - all intervention students

    Ms. Sapien - Last Names M-Z

    Mr. Villanueva - Last Names A-L